Tornado Refrigerator, a brand new Coltri Compressors' chiller


Tornado Refrigerator, a brand new Coltri Compressors' chiller


Tornado is the new Coltri Compressors' dryer, designed and engineered in collaboration with one of the leading companies in the industry to work perfectly on our compressors. Not only that, we developed it to be easy to use. Extend the life of your filling station using Tornado!

How does the Tornado refrigerator work

The general operating cycle is very similar to that of a fridge: the idea is to reduce the temperature of the air under pressure. Why do this? The goal is to make the air reach the dew point so that the humidity inside the pressure circuit condenses.

Condensation? Dew point? Condensation is nothing more than the passage of humidity from the gaseous state to the liquid state: in this way it is possible to drain humidity before it reaches the filters. The dew point, on the other hand, is the temperature to which the air has to be brought to in order for the water vapour present in the condensate to condense. This is exactly the natural phenomenon that creates dew on our lawn at night (or hoarfrost in winter!)


Filter's life is greatly extended by removing condensation before it arrives in the cartridges and we get better quality air.

Benefits are also considerable from a strictly economic point of view: it doesn't take much to offset the cost of our cooler, especially if you work in hot environments. The reduced consumption of the Coltri cartridges (the only ones able to respect the limit values of harmful substances foreseen by the breathing air standard DIN EN 12021 on our compressors) generates a guaranteed saving over time, especially if combined with a lower workload of the compressor (therefore a lighter routine maintenance!).

Do you want even more from your Coltri? You can combine Tornado with the PRESEC filter monitoring or the MULTIGAS gas measuring system. In this way it is easy to maximize the residual humidity values, ensuring even more cost effective operation of the machine.
Fewer cartridges used, more savings, better quality.

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