We started with high-pressure compressors to refill diving cylinders, as used in recreational and military applications. Eventually, we added fire-fighting compressors for ground use, along with industrial gas compressors for nitrogen, argon, helium and Nitrox mixtures for diving equipment, with a maximum oxygen content of 40%.

Recently, with the increased proliferation of natural-gas vehicles, we have begun to manufacture compressors to refill the CNG cylinders used in such vehicles.


Aerotecnica Coltri Spa has an in-house workshop that processes and obtains nearly all the components from die casting or bars or drawn bars using state-of-the-art CNC tool machines and horizontal machining centers. We guarantee a high-quality product, using methods that ensure maximum precision and very tight tolerance against high pressures. That way, we prevent the leakage of lubrication oil, which is filtered and separated to ensure its absence from the contents.

Aerotecnica Coltri Spa
The production cycle starts in a nearby foundry, which provides cast iron and aluminum for cylinders and casings. Our palletized horizontal machining center allows us to obtain a high-quality product. The templates and clamping systems of the single blocks and other components remain fixed. Thus we prevent any variation in calibration or measurement. Highly qualified personnel not only run these machines but also oversee the robotic cells.
Produzione compressori

Our company consists of four interconnected facilities. However, the pumping units of the major machine line are assembled in a separate facility. The overall covered area is approximately 8,000 square meters, and we have a staff of nearly 50 people.

Currently, we're developing a project involving our patented nickel and silicon galvanic coating cylinders.

cilindri per compressori


We run every test in the metrology room. The continuous checking process allows us to maintain the high quality of our products while meeting the parameters required for their scope of application. The Technical Department runs random checks, sometimes on every work piece, using measurement tools ranging from simple gauges to DEA measuring machines, which in turn are the platform on which we base our quality-control process. This system serves as a high-definition scanner that detects any dimension difference (in microns) of the analyzed item, checks the tolerance, and provides information on any improvements to be applied to the entire production.

We also use a trio of robots associated with automated CNC machines. These fully automated robots comprise an island that needs no human supervision.


Aerotecnica Coltri Spa exports 90% of its products.

We're present in 60 countries, including the Americas (North, Central and South America), Asia, especially in China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Australia.

In some countries, Aerotecnica Coltri Spa’s distribution network passes through the acquisition of companies that operate in the machine maintenance field: Coltri Sub Asia Pacific in Bangkok, in the free-trade zone for East Asia; and a company in Sharm El Sheikh for the Middle East and Egypt. Moreover, we rely on our network of dealers – one in almost every country – to serve our customers' purchasing needs. Our dealers also have a basic spare parts warehouse for routine and special maintenance as well as courtesy compressors if required. Preventive maintenance is very important to us.

Our breathing-air and technical gas compressors range from the small portable compressor of the Mch6 series, with a flow rate of 100 l/min. and a pressure of 300 bars, to the more powerful machine for large refilling centers, such as the Mch36 with a flow rate of 600 l/min. and a maximum pressure of 425 bars. This machine answers the needs of large refilling centers, as it refills a 10-liter single-cylinder at 200 atmospheres in 3.3 minutes. It is also silent, as its noise parameters reach just 75dB. These compressors are available with single- and three-phase electric engines as well as combustion engines powered by gasoline or diesel fuel.

Additionally, we offer a series of compressors and important accessories, such as filling panels, transfer hoses, oxygen carbon dioxide and helium analyzers, 300- to 200-bar reducers with safety valves and other useful accessories.

compressori per aria respirabile Coltri
compressori Coltri Compressors


Aerotecnica Coltri Spa manufactures large, high-pressure air compressors and distributes them worldwide. Our clients include fire departments, civil protection services and other bodies. However, thanks to diversified production we also offer refill systems for air guns as used by the growing audience of paintball enthusiasts.


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