The new MCH 23 compressor will be presented at the Eudishow (Bologna 3-5 March) completing and optimising the range of pumping units with a capacity of from 330 to 375 l/min.

These are its main features:

  • 1st stage 95 mm. 
  • 2nd stage 38 mm.
  • 3rd stage 14 mm.
  • Stroke 50 mm.
  • Cylinder block rotation speed 1400 g/min.
  • Capacity 22.5 m³/h.
  • Splash and forced lubrication on 2nd and 3rd stage with low-pressure geared oil pump.
  • Easily maintained in-line oil filter.
  • Lubrication pump float in the flange.
  • Pump driver fixed on the gooseneck detached from the internal bearing ring.
  • Cast-iron 1st stage cylinder.
  • Aluminium 2nd and 3rd stage guide cylinder.
  • Hard anodised aluminium 2nd and 3rd stage skid.
  • Hard anodised aluminium 2nd stage cylinder.
  • Aluminium 3rd stage cylinder + cast-iron liner.
  • 2nd and 3rd stage floating piston.
  • Die-cast cooling fan.
  • Larger inter-stage exchanger pipes.
  • Separator after the 2nd stage.
  • Separator after the 3rd stage.
  • Final separator ready for high-pressure refrigerator.

Some models expressly designed to work with this new pumping unit will be available soon.

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