The new ADVENTURE buoyancy compensator for underwater use consists of an inflatable cell (bladder) with harness for integrated SCUBA. The cell is fitted with a corrugated hose (X01 TECH type PISTON control unit) with oral and mechanical inflation systems and manual discharge systems situated near the mouthpiece; on the cell there are two automatic over-pressure valves with a manual discharge device. It is fitted with four stainless steel accessory-holder rings on the shoulder straps and one on the crotch strap.

The bag inside the cell is made of polyurethane (TEXTANE 290DN PU); the shoulder straps are made of Cordura 1000 dn. The backrest is padded for extra comfort. It can also be mounted on an aluminium or stainless steel backplate. The medium-pressure hose fitted with a rapid connector is compatible with that of the control unit on one end, and is also fitted with a 3/8” UNF threaded connector for connection with a medium-pressure outlet on pressure reducers compliant with the EN 250 standard which can provide a nominal operating pressure of between 7 and 10 bars.

Two sizes are available for the ADVENTURE Jacket: S-M and L-XL.
Outer bag available in two colours: black or camouflage.

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