In an increasingly frenetic world, where high levels of performance and affordability are of equal importance, balance is key. And at Coltri, we have found the ideal solution with our range of new-generation, LP-series lubricated rotary-screw air compressors. These are devices focused on reliability, reduced maintenance work, increased production efficiency and lower costs over the life cycle of the equipment.

The LP300 and LP600 models of the Nitrox range have been designed to reduce costs considerably: thanks to an advanced air-end, the duration of the new compressors is guaranteed for at least ten years. Of course, reliability and performance have also been improved. In fact, the innovative design of the air-end was developed following revolutionary analyses and modelling. And it mustn't be forgotten that the optimised power of the rotors increases energy efficiency with 13% greater air capacity while the positioning of the lubricating injectors considerably increases reliability. Meanwhile, the direct transmission reduces mechanical losses which would otherwise lower yields, undermining more efficient performance. The hermetic transmission system, which does not require particular maintenance and prevents any deterioration, protects the pipework enabling an increase in energy and guaranteeing a reduction of internal load losses. What are the effects? Great energy savings and notable cost reduction. All of these characteristics ensure that our customers benefit directly, also through a considerable reduction in maintenance.

For greater duration and protection it is necessary to use Coltri-certified filters and lubricants which guarantee a longer life cycle for the LP series compressors.

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