New condensate diffuser for the tank


New condensate diffuser for the tank


Improvements of our products do not only focus on performance: we are always focused on practical aspects of use as well, in order to deliver you machines that are increasingly easy to use.

The new condensate diffuser for the tank serves just that, to speed up your operations. It is built as a single block, worked from solid aluminium and then anodised, to guarantee the durability and resistance we have grown accustomed to.

In what way?

When the canister that collects the condensate is full, it must be properly emptied. The old system required you to disconnect all the relevant collection pipes before carrying out the operations, now everything is easier. The lid now acts as a ring nut, avoiding the twisting of the pipes. In simple terms, just unscrew the cap. The operation that previously required several steps, now allows to be solved in a simple movement, the same one with which we are used to open or close a bottle of water.

The new diffuser is present on all our models starting this month.

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