New coating varnish for our pumping units


New coating varnish for our pumping units

Pumping units are the core of our products and the part where you can see all Coltri Compressors' commitment to research and technological innovation. Engineering development of our units in recent years has gone alongside the evolution of increasingly efficient materials with a strong visual impact. For this reason, we've decided to change the coating on MCH6, MCH8, MCH11, MCH13, MCH16, MCH18, MCH21 and MCH23 pumping units to a transparent one.

Until now, we used a silver coating varnish but we decided to give more emphasis to the technical beauty of the machine in all its parts, from aluminium cylinders to stainless steel components.

New clear coating varnish allows us to highlight every parts, maintaining the high standard of resistance you are used to.
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