Frame: Teseo - Line: Third Lung

Ideal for cleaning boat hulls or working at low depths, the TESEO series of low-pressure portable compressors are the lightest in the range. They are equipped with a sturdy pumping group and an additional 3-litre tank which acts as a buffer to facilitate the diver's breathing. The outlet pressure is manually adjustable and an automatic pressure switch controls the engine start-up based on air consumption. The air filtration system is equipped with an activated carbon cartridge and a molecular sieve. Available in single-phase and 12 V direct current versions.


Frame: Teseo

Line: Third Lung

Technical drawing

H : 460 mm - W : 540 mm - D : 310 mm
H : 18.11 in - W : 21.26 in - D : 12.20 in
Disegno tecnico compressori


Technical specifications


Single-phase Electric Motor 12 V, DC, 600 W

Air in output

156 l/m - 9,36 m³/h - 5.51 CFM FAD

Tank capacity

2,7 l

Operating pressure

10 bar
145 PSIG

Net weight

20 kg - 44 Lbs

Noise level

70 db
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