C-monitor, your assistant on our compressors


C-monitor, your assistant on our compressors


An accessory you should not miss is the C-Monitor, available for all Coltri compressors' models that can be installed in a few minutes.
The functioning is simple and automatic, thanks to the vibration start-up, and allows to keep monitored and controlled some fundamental data for the correct maintenance and use.

What are the functions?

C-monitor measures:

  • Hours of operation
  • percentage of cartridge saturation
  • percentage of battery charge
  • hours remaining before lubricating oil change

How do you measure the life of the filter cartridge?

The life of the filter cartridge is measured by an algorithm that uses the compressor flow rate and the type of cartridge installed as basic data.
Based on the specific saturation curve of the cartridge, the algorithm samples the compressor running time and ambient temperature at close intervals and defines the remaining effective percentage of the cartridge.

Thanks to these indications, it is very easy to evaluate and carry out routine maintenance. We have already mentioned several times how the correct treatment of our machinery and the use of original spare parts can extend the life of Coltri compressors, C-Monitor helps you to do just that.

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